Sunday, April 15, 2007

Your Aura

Your Aura

Your Aura (2007)

Feel at your worst when
a well lit room cleanses a fun quiz
that exercises punk names, carnivals.
You feel best when tangible

and Kirlian. You disagree
about sexuality inside polymer shells
or a multicolored cocoon. Why not project
your dissolving karma for all to see

like a layer
of your head seen through by psychics.


Something new from Fractal Zplot and teleported into Photoshop.

The poem is a found text seen emanating from glowing phrase strings of a Google search of "your aura."

Detail of: Your Aura

Upper right corner detail of Your Aura


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Dr. Mike said...

Parable of the False Teeth

God opened His mouth and all His teeth fell out.

People who loved God planted some of the teeth and worshiped others. Maybe it was the molars that they put on a pedestal, because they were so shiny and polished like Roman columns.

None of this mattered, because God, gumless with rage, flooded the earth, and people were drowned for worshiping false images.

In the darkness and silence that followed, God rooted around, and found many more teeth had grown in the ground, thanks to the flood. Now when He smiles, He has many, many teeth.

He has become a happy God.

[Disposable Prose Poem April 17, 2007]

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