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Inkwell (2007)

I gave her my heart. She gave me a pen.
--John Cusak in Say Anything

From David Sirota on The Huffington Post:

The American people gave Democrats their heart in November 2006. In return, Democrats gave George Bush a blank check in May 2007. We gave them our heart, they gave him a blank check. That will make May 24, 2007 a dark day generations to come will look back on -- a day when Democrats in Washington not only continued a war they promised to end, but happily went on record declaring that they believe in their hearts that government's role is to ignore the will of the American people.

Why, indeed, did some of us work so hard to elect a Democratic majority last year if they'll just give away the farm to the robber barons?

Why did we send you in our places in this supposed representational democracy? To condone the immoral madness of the Iraq War in our names?

No. We sent you with the primary objective to do whatever is necessary to end the Bush/Neocon horrific war of lies that is killing and maiming our friends and families and draining our economy and national spirit.

And did you hold firm and stay true? Or did you (including my two spineless senators -- Lincoln and Pryor) hand over a blank check to George Bush and his associate cronies to continue his war crimes (let's not be afraid to call his lies and actions what they really are) with your blessing? Did you notice the inkwell was filled with the blood of our loved ones who have died and suffered?

And for what? Bush's stubborn ego? Halliburton profits? For the brazen lie, unquestioned by a compliant media, that standing firm translates into a lack of support for the troops?

Hasn't Congress been keeping up with current events? Visit here for a refresher course detailing how deeply heartfelt Bush's support for the troops is. Sadly, the list is incomplete.

George Orwell. Come on down. Ignorance Is Strength. Supporting the troops apparently means rolling belly up enabling BushCo to continue surging them into combat and systematically whittle away their pay and benefits while extending their deployments.

So, Dems, rationalize away as you sign blank checks in blood. At the end of the day, the "long war" endlessly reaps along. Oh, and there's another constant with such bargains. The Devil owns your soul.


Keith Olbermann apparently also has a few issues with both Bush and the genuflecting Democrats:


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1 comment:

Dr. Mike said...

Bring it on, marine by marine,
So bad decisions can always be good
By saluting a flag over the crime scene,
Then shedding blood upon more blood.

Those who seek power cower and cave
To this top gun who learned early in his youth
How others should take his place in the grave --
A chicken shit crowing support for the troops.

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