Monday, July 02, 2007

Last Day as a Caterpillar

Last Day as a Caterpillar

Last Day as a Caterpillar (2007)

Flicka Flicka beats my unhoping heart.
My chest harbors a pipe-laying assassin. Glue on heads
and wiggly legs. Pump my abdomen with poison.
I will never become a nervous chrysalis.

Detail of: Last Day as a Caterpillar

Face detail of Last Day as a Caterpillar


Something newish. Made with Sterling-ware. Post-processed until it molted its skin and silk glands spun a cocoon. Poem from my larval brain refusing to transform into an adult.

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Dr. Mike said...

Last Day as a Caterpillar

Wherever wobbly bodies balloon
They slough off each drab cocoon

As spiracles gape and noggins nod
Antennae dart about for food

Instar limes the inner sheaves
Moulting on the mulberry leaves

Spinnerets transform to silk
Before being boiled in milk

[Disposable Poem Tuesday July 3, 2007]
Dr. Mike

cruelanimal said...

Nice poem.

Good to see you back.

enigma4ever said...

well, I have to disagree, you my friend do not have a "larval" brain ??
This is wonderful, I love the colors..

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