Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Bed You Made

The Bed You Made

The Bed You Made (2007)

Old expressions from labs of lust
where spliced mice make nests from shredded
paper. Once you take off
your clothes reactions are tested.

You can't go back
and your skin is unlike a sheet
blank and type free. What is written
on your face is a maze

of fear
you run each day.

Detail of: The Bed You Made

Upper left corner detail of The Bed You Made


Image rendered in Sterling-ware and post-processed until the exercise wheel squeeked and the mattress sagged.

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1 comment:

Dr. Mike said...

Your previous Blog posting referred me to
and that led me to write the following Disposable Poem:

Plastic Man's Hymn to the Aesthetic Beauty Center

Sexier than a sting ray in Bermuda,
Flatulent yet strung out on raw ether,
I flaunt my mutability to stay neuter
With more ass than you'd care to remember.

I lurk beside hoods and crooked dicks,
Shoot craps and split the ambiguity,
Shape shifting among schizophrenics,
Flashing serial killers with rapier nudity.

Crime-fighting in upper or under classes,
The deuce I'll ever serve a warped racket
On red and yellow acid behind dark glasses!
My pal Woozy takes comfort from his straight-jacket.

Cheeks smoothed over by collagen therapy,
Whoever is too beautiful becomes ugly;
Me, I'm diagonal in a zigzag cacophony,
Transitioning between genders quite snugly.

[Disposable Poem August 9, 2007]
Dr. Mike

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