Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Frog Prince

Frog Prince

Frog Prince (2007)

George Walker Bush's story is that of a jester prince who always had his Poppy there to wipe up the frog guts from the pavement.
--miah, from Scientia Est Potentia

If our non-elected prince turned back into a frog:



I quit blogging about politics some time ago -- and nearly quit blogging completely.

Why bother? Since the 2006 election -- the so-called Democratic victory -- little has changed. The War of Lies Inc. drags on without an end in sight. The Dems seem content to suck their thumbs and give sub-30% approved Bush whatever he wants. Nothing changed. I went back quietly to my art.

But now, to my astonishment, my former governor, Mike Huckabee, long known in these here parts as "The Huckster," is apparently being taken seriously on the national stage and could well be my next president. And just when I was celebrating finally being rid of him after a long eleven nightmare years in Arkansas.

If you liked Bush, you'll adore The Huckster. You better. Otherwise, be prepared for a close encounter his thin-skinned, petulant churlishness.

The Huckster has a huge chip on his shoulder. Enough is never enough.

Tie down the silverware, too. The Rev-Bro-Gov will turn the White House into his private rectory.

You say you wanna theocracy? You always knew Bush was putting you on with all that Christian pandering to the base. Just a Rovian ploy. Not our boy Mike. He's a true believer in the whole literal Biblical, non-evolutionary, Adam and Steve, don't be Left Behind scenario. And The Rapture is only a red button press away.

And forget about gay rights (you'll probably be "isolated" anyway) and abortion rights (it's a holocaust, you see). Expect no compassion from this compassionate conservative -- unless you're a rapist the Clinton-haters hate. Preacher Mike is quick to forgive when the Lord's work results in his own political expediency.

I shudder when I contemplate hard drive crushin' Huckabee Supreme Court appointments. Bush will look enlightened by comparison.

But Huck's no bumbler like Bush. He's as slick and glib as they come. Quick with a joke, too -- usually at someone else's expense. Bad humor is his private rhetoric to avoid substance on any issue. You'll be laughing all the way to Armageddon.

But, unlike The Huckster, your one-way ticket into heavenly glory hasn't been pre-punched.

Long time Little Rock writer John Brummet has Our Former Governor pegged:

The Dumond matter raises worthy questions about Huckabee's ability or willingness to think beyond what his moral and partisan instincts tell him. The tobacco issue raises equally worthy questions about the chip on his shoulder and a rationalized sense of entitlement.

Dig into The Huffington Post's ongoing expose of Huckabee's pardon of Wayne Dumond -- first here, then here.

Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times has long had Huckabee's number. Read his Salon article here.

Mother Jones has a fairly good listing of quotable Hucksterisms here.

Unfortunately, writer David Corn leaves out some of my all-time favorites. Like Huckabee's signature on a document proclaiming women's role as a servant to men.

Who hearts Huckabee? Certainly not me.

Wake me when his MSM lovefest is over...


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monda said...

The emperor isn't wearing any clothes.

I poo-poo'ed Huckabee's first rise in numbers as some kind of cosmic mistake. I figured that once they asked us down here about the old boy it would be all over. Huckabee is so obviously the wrong man, even for the Righties.

What the hell's going on?

Anonymous said...

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