Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Ocean View

An Ocean View

An Ocean View (2002)

Pole dances with an ocean view.
--recent headline seen in The Oregonian


Image made with Fractal ViZion. Post-processed until the hurricane hit and wiped out a lifetime of work.

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Dr. Mike said...

Romantic Love

Rub until wet with blood,
Then where the flesh rises
Squeeze the writhing flood
That surges between seizures.

Moisten each bauble of breath
To bruise lips and tongue tips,
Twitching ecstatic as death
Before each blindly switches.

Both when coming together
As if shedding each other's skin
Crave from one another
Utter oblivion.

[Disposable Poem March 24, 2008]

cruelanimal said...

Thanks for this one.

I think it goes well with the image.

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