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Carrion (2008)

[Click on the image above to see the view with binoculars.]

Rilke, as one of the important letters show, mused on the fact that Cezanne's favorite poem was Baudelaire's "La Charogne" ("Carrion"), where dead flesh is made beautiful, not in the conventional sense, but in Baudelaire's ability to raise carrion out of the conventional formats and value structures which had left its beauty unarticulated. If, in Cezanne, painting allows that which was formerly unseen to be seen, "La Charogne" allows that which was formerly inarticulate to be heard.
--Michael Heller

From the "Flowers of Evil" series. Poem by Charles Baudelaire. Translation by Geoffrey Wagner.

Other images from the series can be seen here and here on Orbit Trap.

Image made with Orca. Post-processed until it became more stubborn than a beautiful dead mule.

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