Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Chemo (2007)

[Click on the image above to see the view with binoculars.]

Chemicals that kill cells
affect the whole body. One stop shopping
for fatigue. Dignity in a hairpiece
covering chemo brain is a see-through
trick. Big words like
everything else fall out fast.
Relax aggressively.
your style and sense of humor
go first.


Image made with Fractal ViZion. Post-processed until the doctor said everything bad was finally gone. Text is a found "Google" poem constructed from a search string for chemo.

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Dr. Mike said...


Once a week, the nurse listens
for crackles
in her lungs, congestive heart failure
always a threat on the border. The cleaning
lady's from the Philippines, where Halloween
takes a whole week to remember the dead,
but the shrimp's always fresh and free
for dinner. "Shop
till you drop" has new meaning for her legs
give out after fifteen minutes. At breakfast
her group had dwindled to five,
each complaining how hard it is to walk
any distance on a hip replacement
or after surviving chemo. Cookies require special
effort, now taking two whole days to bake,
and whatever cards she buys, it's because
she knows somebody who'll share
her sense of humor.

[Disposable Poem May 28, 2008]

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