Monday, December 29, 2008

Frodo Retires

Frodo Retires

Frodo Retires (2008)

[Click on the image above to see the view with binoculars.]

In the Shire
now somewhat worse for wear
Wise Sam hastening to marry Rosie
blots out all talk

of a Phoenix sequel.
Frodo sells his hobbit hole and pawns
a gold ring for a hospice bed
in Rove Country.


Image initially made with Sterling-ware. Post-processed until it became My Precious. Text is a "Google poem" collaged from search strings of frodo retires.

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Dr. Mike said...

Frodo Retires

No more dragon's teeth
To plant for invincible armies
Or magic beans for a stalk
Into the giant's gothic lair
Or a golden harp whose melody
Enraptures Rapunzel's hair.

Retirement sucking on buttons
Thinking them stones, cooled
And stained by threads of ages
Our grandmothers once wove
Blue-blooded as bullet holes
Emptied of stars missing heaven.

What encomium's euphoric enough
To bedazzle the binary abacus
Into a trinity that evaporates helium
Gasping for air on Bald Mountain
Where elderly are abandoned in
Waves of goodbye and goodbye and goodbye.

[Disposable Poem January 2, 2008]

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