Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Natives Are Restless

The Natives Are Restless

The Natives Are Restless (2009)

Whether Hawaii style or swimming
the swamps of south Florida no one cares
what you see through your telescope. If you invest
wisely in the skirmish between the Theatre of the Vampires
and Darkest England you won't wind up
in stew. Unusual drum music
and other exotica like carbon paper
and flutes may be downloaded, and Mexican
complaints whip out faster than meat
shaken by belly dancing. I sense you're not
particularly interested in me. You might
hang a snap of my loin cloth on Flickr
and think differently after spinal taps by spear
and a sloppily shrunken head.


Image initially made with Fractal Zplot. Post-processed until the revolving spit malfunctioned. Text is a Google poem collaged from search strings of the natives are restless.

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india said...

so many places to wander...

Dr. Mike said...

Great poem! But --where did you get that picture with me in it? I don't remember that party.
Dr. Mike

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