Sunday, November 08, 2009

Low Cut

Low Cut

Low Cut (2009)

Image initially made with Sterling-ware 2. Post-processed until it had revealed enough.

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Dr. Mike said...

Dear Ayn Rand

Knowing that where you were born didn’t matter in the New World, you encouraged rugged capitalists to ride roughshod over whoever got in their way. Railroads and skyscrapers thrived when those at the helm were egomaniacs full of themselves and ruthless in acquiring and administering power. If you weren’t strong enough to beat down the opposition, why were you sill alive?

Self-reliance worships self at the expense of community. Why is it raining so much here in Arkansas? Why are the streets flooded? What can the rice farmers do now that the crop has been ruined? Coal furnaces spew smoke into the air, clouding over and darkening the atmosphere.

Believe in superheroes then. Let windmills be uprooted by freak tornadoes. Enjoy the dimming hum as the powergrid goes down. I command you because I am still in command of the capital I. Without guilt, without shame, I have no responsibility to any one not as strong as I am. The weak deserve to perish where they were born -- in the bottom of the well.

Ayn, you are the mirror image of Anne Frank, who, insecure about herself, growing up a Jewish fifteen-year-old under Nazi persecution, kept a diary that revealed the innermost feelings of the weakest among us about to be wiped off the face of the earth for being born where she had been. Ayn/Anne, sometimes people are not strong enough to defeat those circumstances of their birth to become whatever they want to be. Even if all they want is to be alive!

Dr. Mike
[Disposable Prose November 1, 2009]

Anonymous said...

nice article....................................................................................................

jamesbent said...

I'm going to be quite literal here - this is completely like a naked woman standing with her back to us, a peacock feather necklace hanging down low towards her two white buttocks.


I keep a daily 1000+ word offbeat fiction short blog at: and I would love to see some of your stuff in Red, Black and Gold

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