Friday, December 18, 2009

Rudolph Agonistes

Rudolph Agonistes

Rudolph Agonistes (2009)

Red nose

my ass. It was
budget cuts. The haunts

of Christmas Town are shut
by drifts. Santa even took out
the candy stripe pole.

Incomplete toys
pile up on the workshop floor
like unread Milton

or water from former glaciers
or war
on earth not peace.


Image initially made with Fractal Zplot. Post-processed until it "led all the rest." Text is a Google poem collaged from search strings of rudolph agonistes.

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Dr. Mike said...


I think some big guy
Sneezed, “A Just War.”
What’s worse, he was
Being given a peace prize.

Poor and hungry,
Bitter and envious,
Whoever he calls enemy
Come from our own country.

There are always
Plenty of excuses
For beating up the kid
Who took all the marbles.

Let us all join hands
And agree to disagree
Except for those whose spite
Sets off a nuclear bomb.

[Disposable Poem December 10, 2009 ]
Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike said...

"The proliferation of mass media at the end of the nineteenth century and the congruent development of widely distributed celebrity cultures, further multiplied the channels through which this kind of infection might spread to a reading public eager to revel in the public exposure of private scandal." [Latham , Sean. The Art of Scandal, 15].

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