Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Overgrown Pillbox

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Dr. Mike said...

3-D Glasses

Reality isn’t enough!
Put on your 3-D Glasses
To watch Prince and Paris
Jackson frolic in the rain
Forest with dolphins.

These aren’t X-Ray
Glasses so you can’t see
What isn’t already there
Like security can at airports
Or cancer specialists
In the hospice wing.

There aren’t Night Vision
Goggles so you won’t see
The bullets coming or
Shape-shifting enemy
Among bombed out
Apartment complexes.

All that’s missing is
To bring the waft of
Rotting corpses
Into living rooms
Of Middle America.

Put on your 3-D Glasses
And take a good look
At reality television,
The NFL Crunch,
And idols who refuse
To die but dance, dance.

[Disposable Poem January 31, 2010]
Dr. Mike

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