Friday, July 09, 2010

Camp Prosperity

Camp Prosperity

Camp Prosperity (2010)

[Click on the image above to see the view with binoculars.]

Where the lakes have names
after looting, go. Turn on
the fireplaces

in the desert. I never
bought that Dorian Gray shit.
Search my vehicle

near the green zone court
for basketball. I can see
smoke from somewhere

this summer. USO
and new picnic shelters beat
patrol. Probably

we won. I range walk
with some Indiana Jones
Russians. Can you see

live or just Saddam's shoddy
construction? Write me.


Image initially made with QuaSZ. Post-processed until it re-upped. Text is a Google poem haiku series collaged from search strings of camp prosperity.

1 comment:

Dr. Mike said...


Of executions
How can anybody sing?
They remain secrets
Only a government knows,
Not where its tentacles reach.

[Disposable Tanks July 18, 2010]
Dr. Mike

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