Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ascension of Robby

Ascension of Robby

Ascension of Robby (2010)

Image initially made with Sterling-ware 2. Post-processed until something mechanical finally spoke the word danger.

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Dr. Mike said...

Only the Swiss

Only the Swiss have holes
Even their money is cheesy
With all those chocolate chalets

Their mistake fermenting
Cheese they capitalized on
Only the Swiss sell holes

So many secret bank accounts
No tax collector can figure them out
Within all those chocolate chalets

Snow made Swiss think of vanilla
Icing around each doughnut
Only Swiss know to use holes

You’d think they’d all be diabetic
But they burn it off by skiing
Down all those chocolate chalets

Don’t put money under your bed
Invest in a secret cheese account
Since only Swiss mice make holes
In all those chocolate chalets.

[Improvised Villanelle 20 November 2010]

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