Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Channelled Fractal 12: Jimi Hendrix

Channelled Fractal 12: Jimi Hendrix

Channelled Fractal 12: Jimi Hendrix (2001)

In 2001, I created a mock series of twenty images in which I pretended to "channel" dead famous personages in order to let them create their own fractal imagery. 

These images were made before I started working more large scale in "wall mode," so the originals are only 600x800 pixels. I suppose the lower resolution made it less difficult for the departed to speak through them.

These images were initially posted to the Usenet group Here is the explanation that initially accompanied them:
Out of concern that my art was becoming "depressing" and a desire to reacquaint myself with my more spiritual inner child, I have begun channeling fractals from others who have crossed over fractal-less into the Great Beyond. The process is simple. I close my eyes, turn on a generator, place crystals atop my monitor, burn peppermint incense, tie-dye some work clothes, and chant in a phony Jamaican accent. Soon, through intense meditation and lots of Fox Television programming, I slip into a beta state while leaving my fingers gently on my mouse -- which soon begins moving spasmodically on its pad much like a planchette. According to witnesses, there is the acrid smell of ectoplasm in the room as blood trickles down my monitor and eerily spells out the name of my troubled collaborator. When I awaken from my fugue state, the fractal is finished. However, I can take little credit for these works; after all, I am merely the vessel of a higher power.
I plan to post some of the series in the coming days.


Image initially made with Quasz. Post-processed until it arrived at a red house.

Today's musical accompaniment for viewing is the Jimi Hendrix Experience live on Belgium television in 1967.


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