Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bad Day for Macbeth

B ad Day for Macbeth

Bad Day for Macbeth (2002)


There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face.
--William Shakespeare, Macbeth


Image initially made with Fractal Zplot. Post-processed until fair is foul, and foul is fair.

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Dr. Mike said...

Teen May Face Charges for Online Posts

I glued a switchblade over lace
So as to catch light when it gutted
The sun, and then I photo shopped

Among baby killers and stunt doubles.
Mapping overlays of composite maps
For drone attacks. Whoever picked

On me I pickaxed. Their bloated gas
Short fused the bomb tanks,
Flipping off scarlet brain curlers,

Eyebrows arched, wagging twitters
To secret police, in whose net
We float, generationless, empty,

Tasting static in the physics of loss.
When I blow up, everyone’s going
Down, cause if I can’t stand it here,
Nobody else should be allowed to.

[Disposable Poem February 24, 2011]
Dr. Mike

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