Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cut Down on the Anime Remix

Cut Down on the Anime

Cut Down on the Anime Remix (2012)


Another summer marathon remix.

I always liked the rounded, tentacle-like lines in this piece. The eye form reminds me of both the tripods in War of the Worlds as well as cheeseball horror films like The Crawling Eye.

Originally rendered in Sterling-ware in 2002. Remixed until physical characteristics became even more exaggerated.

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Dr. Mike said...


Some save the mighty
Penguins from decay. Someday
Icecaps melt away.

Whose glaucoma are
You? Whose saline deposit
Licks salmonella?

Ganglia distend
Tentacles with suckers for
Feet: roving eyeballs

Like mudsharks, baby,
They masticate in the fish
Tank at Red Lobster

[Disposable Haiku August 19, 2012]
Dr. Mike

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