Friday, August 24, 2012

School's Out Remix

School's Out Remix

School's Out Remix (2012)


Another remix. Forgive the cognitive dissonence caused by posting this one at the start of the school year. Think of it like viewing a snow fort in the Dog Days.

Aspects of motion and absence were murky in the original, and light at he bottom of the ocean floor suddenly became visible...

...which appears possible:

Oceanographers struggle to explain a strange glow from seafloor vents.
--Richard Monasterkey, Science News, 9-7-96

This remix expands, then dives deeper.


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Dr. Mike said...

Empty Bucket

A giant sting-ray bloats its hurricane winds and rain into Beale Street, bluing up the conservative colonization of Florida and enforcing coitus interruptus on the Mormon coronation, Television has become a plague. What rises from the seabeds are melted icecaps, unleashing frozen protozoa, the better to replace one species with another. The crypto-Nazi in Norway apologizes for not having killed more people. To dye hair red with blood isn’t enough for Syria, until whole generations writhe from slit throats and beheadings that no Western reporters can broadcast back home over the dinner table. Where’s a Presidential drone when you need one? Lots of finger pointing, until the nails blacken from cholera and drop off. Meanwhile, on a distant star, a lonely robot tracks specimens, cracks rock, and discovers what is made of dust stays dust.

[Disposable Prose August 27, 2012]
Dr. Mike

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