Sunday, September 22, 2013



Descent (2012)



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Dr. Mike said...

Dexter Apologizes

I’m sorry I chopped off your nose,
But I got tired of your constant whining.

Besides you look better without it --
A smiley face in my email,

A pumpkin waiting to be hatched
Into a coach for a fairy princess,

(Not the princess herself, of course,
Because who would want all that responsibility?)

But a means of transportation,
Glossy and smooth as a limousine

Wealthy enough to glide into the dark woods
Safe and protected from looters and madmen.

Dexter Spasms Out

Tanto point


Bowie spike


Clip point
Serrated edge


Hide out
Peace maker


Dexter’ s Rap

A halo overhead
Embalms the undead

Who gravely agree
She’s quite a beauty

Like a marrow transplant
For the rapture’s ascent

She needs protection
From soft radiation

I have a new mission:
Beautify decomposition!

[Disposable Poem September 27, 2013]
Dr. Mike

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