Sunday, November 10, 2013

Foucault's Cat Remix

Foucault's Cat Remix

Foucault's Cat Remix (2012)



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Dr. Mike said...

Tropical Paradise

Did I mention the zombies? Plagues
Apparently are the cause. Americans,
Trained on video games and drones,

Revel in wasting the undead who
Wander islands leveled by typhoon,
Feeding on coconut juice. Military

Scope them out behind cool shades.
“The poor are our future, you can bank
On them.” Nothing packs a wallop

Like fake scientific claims of climate
Change and evolution. Apes are better
Behaved than humans deprived of

Their insulin and electricity. Scurvy touches
A mother who clutches her dead child
But cannot locate the others. Her eyes

Blank out before the flies of reporters. She
Is in the global living room but does not matter
Because she does not speak the language.

[Disposable Poem November 15, 2013]

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