Saturday, November 02, 2013

Schrödinger's Catwoman

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Schrödinger's Catwoman (2013)



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Dr. Mike said...

Venus In Furs

The moth woman fed
Upon wool sleeves of old men’s
Sweaters and grew tan.

Her eyes, in heavy
Black masquera, slit light through slats
Of Venetian Blinds.

Wings of noir crepe hung
From pulsating spider webs
In her trapeze act.

On red stiletto
High heels, she whipped and bled geeks
At the piano.

Not as romantic
Was the male moth man who flung
Star-knives at a blond.

The blond was daughter
To the moth woman from an
Unnatural birth.

All three formed a team
And grew quite intimate with
The sleek snow leopard.

What issued forth not
Even the ringmaster would
Acknowledge at trail.

Moths that were almost
Human settled in Scotland
With the lambs and ewes.

[Disposable Haiku September 6, 2013]
Dr. Mike

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