Friday, July 15, 2005

Idea Man

Idea Man

Idea Man (2000)

A "Google Poem" -- a found "exquisite corpse" composition collaged and randomly arranged out of phrases that popped up in Google during a search on the title of today's image:

A new show helps us demean and criticize people
and wrap our failed minds around the leading resource
for wireless and mobile games. I'm an idea man Chuck,
I get ideas

Hear me out. We've never done a bumper that needs
. You searched for valentine and a private investigator
in Slovenia who will come up with some "brilliant" idea
at the best

French prices. He wore his own marketing, commentary
on the state of conservative journalism on the cusp
of being printable. It's hard to get ahead in the business.

That's funnier than the movie industry or the miracle
of everyday life. Chinese people sometimes like to give
the obvious -- an aluminum sleeve housing the divine
idea man

a clickable icon. Kickass. Pan out. Cities suck for raver
types, sort of a straight man for a wacky dog. On a non-
related note do any tussling photographs keep his partner
from deserting?

Oh wait. I'm the writer. I cannot broadcast the idea.
I love to dream of tolerance by media control and bang
my head against cigarettes and monitors. I ignore significant
news events

and logo personalization. I'm prone to hats that are just
for lobbying. The pyramid is reactivated with a harebrained
idea that riled the Family Hour -- my usual tangled mess
of cables

and psychiatrists all fixiated on Murdoch, a moron.
Fox is getting worn out towards the end and needs a spanky.
Get two people together, shout. It's like watching cement

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