Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Something in the Water

Something in the Water

Something in the Water (2005)

At heart, Blog with a View is a digital art photoblog. Sometimes, in the throes of shoegazing typing, I lose sight of why I started this blog and talk when I should listen. So, every Wednesday, I'm going to post an image sans words. As I say in the blog's description, feel free to talk back to my "visual diary," or, if you wish, think of this post as a weekly open thread.


Anonymous said...

Tiresias has a hernia, glob glob, emerging not as pearls from a conch shell, but more likely as dour prophesies from retinal bleeding. Once water gets into his eyes, it's no longer a matter of tears bathing nude Aphrodite, but rather a chlorine fog through whose waspish blur visions of the future pass out, flatulent and flagellating ghosts of brush strokes in a Turner.

cruelanimal said...

Yeah, those tear gas attacks in ancient Greece were worse than more common perils -- like Gods springing whole out of foreheads or masquerading as rape-prone swans. Funny Tiresias couldn't foresee that hernia though. Perhaps he was too focused on his own breasts?

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