Sunday, September 25, 2005

What Passes for Discourse

What Passes for Discourse

What Passes for Discourse (2005)

Muscle Beach is now Pork Chop Hill...
--Naked Raygun

A busy day today and no computers in sight. Still, before the weekend slips away, here's something new.

The title of today's image is ironic because I'm not sure discourse exists in our public sphere in the way we live now. Discourse now seems to mean either a Crossfire scream-fest -- or, worse, a Fox News unfair and unbalanced tipped scales smugly-dismiss-the-timid-and-pussified-liberal-like-Colmes non-discussion. At least Randi Rhodes actually takes live phone calls and can think on her feet. Hillbilly heroinized Rush Limbaugh preaches to a digitized peanut gallery more pre-screened than a Bush town meeting on deboning Social Security.

There is no debate. There is only spin.

Hyde Park is now a wind tunnel...

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