Monday, February 27, 2006

The Death of Radio

The Death of Radio

The Death of Radio (2000)

Tune your dial here...


Neil Shakespeare said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...


There are an awfully lot of vaginas here
But why do they all have teeth?

Doctor Ribald of the Evangelicals
Has just lassoed the Washington Monument
And is climbing with both spurs
This decadent representation of penile prowess.

Firing his taser shotgun, he's poking out
Leftists among the Supremes
And rallies from his bullhorn
Anti-abortion picketers.

A giant glob of marmalade
Squishes across the esplanade
From which haloed psalmists surge
Blathering radiant blessings
Except fundamentalists that shoot to kill.

cruelanimal said...

Thanks, Neil. Distortion effect courtesy of Clear Channel.

Nice poem, too. I think more verse, especially that produced by the so-called "new formalists," should utilize images that carefully explore "penile prowess."

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