Saturday, February 11, 2006

Energy Vampire 345

Energy Vampire 345

Energy Vampire 345 (2001)

Yes, the blog's been in photoblog mode due to RL activity, but I plan to get back to "normal" blogging early next week. Thanks for your patience.

This one's from a series of 400 images. Why the title? Energy vampires drain strength and vitality from others. In this series, I often used (do I mean "borrowed"?) the fractals of other artists, layered them with a fractal of my own, used the composite as the "base" for the picture, and then post-processed the whole mess within an inch of its artistic integrity. The result: something new derived partly parasitically from another existing source.

I know. The digital artist as leech. I deliberately kept no records of whose image I used where. So are my "energy vampires" a brought-back-to-life improvement or an undead abomination?


Tim said...

Leech? I would say, Artist as Kaliedoscope.

I often take stuff off the internet and kaliedoscope or colorize it or make it into a seamless tile.

I guess we're all deeply influenced by things around us, even the way we think. Ultimately, every creative thing we do reverts to public domain, which in a way is where it originated.

To some degree I think art or any public expression belongs to everyone, the whole community. But I'm crazy.

Anonymous said...


Eyelashes flutter. Ruffles flash.
She has a new admirer to fetch
Wood for the fire, food for the animals,
Cigarettes and bourbon for her.
Now that she has an adoring acolyte,
She can spend hours on the cell-phone
Planning for the future, ordering drugs,
Making excuses to her other girlfriends,
Then having a mental breakdown
When everything goes wrong.
There's nothing like draining blood
Once there's a devoted follower
To provide a steady supply.

cruelanimal said...

Anon: Terrific poem. I think it's my favorite of those you've shared.

Tim: You're not crazy -- but you'll never be an intellectual property attorney either [wink].

I agree that public expressions become a shared experience for viewers, readers, et. al. I've always felt that any art becomes art in the instant it is seen, read, viewed, heard...

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