Sunday, February 05, 2006

Enough Nature for Today

Enough Nature for Today

Enough Nature for Today (2005)

Here's a new one. Perhaps it's the flip side of the Wye Mountain image from two days ago?

I like the suggestion of incompleteness and mutation here. There's a hint of something damaged and turning away from light.

I once wrote in a section of a poem called "Big Dipper":

I want ether,
windstorms and death without

protection so fry me
with a bolt or

cruel virus.
I hear evolution



I'll be pretty much in photoblog mode for a few days.


idyllopus said...

Would have loved to see the process you went through with this one.

Tim said...

It has an L-system look to it.

I like the shattered flower, it suggests broken nature.

Fractal Vizion has one of the best L-system makers I've seen. Really great color too. Of course, everything looks like it's made out of foil. Delightfully freaky.

cruelanimal said...

idyllopus: It definitely went through quite a few strange stages.

Tim: You're close. It's a L-system image that originally came out of Fractal Zplot. Of course, I had to labor to scramble it and bleach it to remove all of the "foil" textures.

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