Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Like the Way You Think

I Like the Way You Think

I Like the Way You Think (2002)

And sometimes that's all it takes. Call it a kinship of partisan philosophy. Or a shared vision to dumb down the culture. Or to catapult good old boy propaganda to your "average American" about the social evils of non sequitors like gay marriage and flag burning while giving away the farm to fatcats like Kenny Boy Lay and oil buddies raking in chart-topping profits.

And off red state America goes to vote. I like the way you think.

From La monde diplomatique:

The all-Americans despise the affected elites, with their highfalutin ways and that’s why they vote for plainspoken men like George Bush, or his dad, or Ronald Reagan, or Richard Nixon, that ultimate victim of East Coast disdain. Each of whom, once elected, did his level best to shower the nation’s elite with policy gifts of every description.

That's right. You're doin' a heckuva job. I like the way you think.

And I pay absolutely no attention whatsoever to anything you actually do -- like choke off student loans, sell our Medicaid to the drug companies, mortage the environment to corporations, kill our loved ones in a senseless and endless war based on lies and greed. In fact, I shudder with anticipation for the next election cycle when I can turn the other butt cheek and say: Thank you, sir. Can I have another?

You sure can. More fear. More lies. More tax cuts. More deficits. More torture. More death.

Less freedom. Less respect. Less privacy. Less science.

Less science.

Imagine you're a fresh-faced liar Young Republican non-college graduate. I like the way you think. We'll place you in the heart of NASA -- among the rocket scientists -- to do The King's, Pravda's, God's, patriotic work. Like George Deutsch -- a 24-year-old, who lied about having a college degree, who takes a shine to intelligent design, who was deliberately planted by the Bush administration as a Public Affairs Officer in NASA, who was apparently given marching orders to sanitize science with the implied or expressed intent to further the theocratic agenda of the religious right. Here's something else to adhere to your textbook bearing that "Evolution is a theory" sticker -- from an email Deutsch wrote last October:

The theory that the universe was created by a "big bang" is just that -- a theory. It is not proven fact; it is opinion. Yes, the scientific community by and large may share this opinion, but that doesn't make it correct ... It is not NASA's place, nor should it be, to make a declaration such as this about the existence of the universe that discounts intelligent design by a creator -- the other half of the argument.

Sure, it's not NASA's place to follow the scientific method and draw conclusions from observational research. That territory belongs to the stooges of George "the most brilliant man I ever met" Bush.

But now that Deutsch's lying CV had lying lies, like claiming to have a college degree instead of just crony experience in Bush campaigns, Deutsch is crying foul. From Bad Astronomy Blog:

He [Deutsch] goes on to say:

"The interesting thing, is that [there] is no evidence for censorship…"

Maybe he should read a NYT article written by Revkin (a story which increasingly seems to be writing itself), which says that several scientists have come forward with evidence that they were censored: "They called or e-mailed The Times and sent documents showing that news releases were delayed or altered to mesh with Bush administration policies (emphasis mine)."


And yet, Deutsch isn’t finished:

"… what you do have is hearsay coming from a handful of people who have clear partisan ties and they’re really coming after me as a Bush appointee and the rest of the Bush appointees, because this is a partisan issue."

Hearsay? Well, George, we do have the email above. And let's talk partisan, George -- especially since World O' Crap conveniently dug up some of those very public columns you wrote for the Texas A&M Battalion while failing to graduate. Some snips:

The ties between al-Qaida and Iraq are clear. So clear, in fact, that there is so much circumstantial evidence linking Iraq and al-Qaida that it would be hard for an informed person not to at least suspect Saddam's regime of having a hand in the attacks.


It is absurd to think that the secretary of defense for the strongest nation in the free world would encourage torturous interrogation tactics in a war his nation was winning and at the possible expense of his political career.


Most of the liberal media has shown that it is so bound by partisan ideology that it would rather continue to subvert its own country's war efforts than concede any sort of justification for invading Iraq. This is a shame.

And I graciously omitted the fascinating article speculating that convicted wife-killer Scott Peterson was framed by a Satanic cult.

So, all in all, George, speaking of pots people calling the kettle black with clear partisan ties...

Here's hoping this is a snapshot of your future career as a faith-based science editor:

Hey.  My diploma was just a theory...

Yup. I don't need an intelligent designer or a rocket scientist to see the universal pattern of the Big Bang of BushCo.

I like the way you think...

...Judy Miller. Armstrong Williams. Jack Abramoff. Jeff Gannon.

Access Granted.


Salon has published the previously unseen photos of abuses at Abu Ghraib. Maybe you should take a look and ask yourself why your land-of-the-free government has tried so hard to prevent you from seeing these records.

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