Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Morning Egg Hunt

Easter Morning Egg Hunt

Easter Morning Egg Hunt (1998)

Today is the one year anniversary of Blog with a View.

Yeah, I feel a little risen myself today.

I put 315 original images up in the past year. Whew.

My thanks to everyone who has come by to look and read and (especially) comment.

I'd give each of you an earless chocolate bunny if I could.


Blogging, like evolution and relativity, is just a theory...

And, for some mixed mythlogy this holiday, surf here to see Einstein vs. Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Easter Morning

These eggs look too beautiful
To break a sunrise into tears
Or a scoop out a bananafish

If you lift their doilies up
They blush when you peek under
Lace ruffles on the garterbelt

Nobody wants to crack an egg
Lest a land mine go off
Or a dragonfly syringe an eyeball

After all, the bunnies have been
Disguised as four disciples
Hopping about on orange popsicles

cruelanimal said...

Nicely surreal poem with just a hint of menance around the thin eggshell lining.

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