Friday, April 14, 2006



Golgotha (1999)


Tim said...

I reminds me of an Ikon. A fractal Ikon. The "Disfiguration." The viewer is placed among the crowd looking up at the mutilated King.

Anonymous said...


If it was not raining, it should have been.
So many die, expecting their Savior

To rescue them or bless their self-immolation.
Last night the General on television wanted

More sacrifice from the American public.
Even the Church recognized a need to move

Beyond the binary into an indeterminate trinity.
Is it God or the Girl? Or is there a third

Choice that does not chastise gender?
Perhaps identity itself is an illusion

That the body produces in order to drive
Procreation of the species and that cross

Is the intersection among logarithms
In the desire to escape the mercantile

Hung on nails, twitching in the throes of
Orgasm or death, pure as butterfly specimens.

cruelanimal said...

Tim: Maybe. Ikon as both visual representation and as a religious depiction.

AnonPoet: Terrific. Thanks for continuing to share your work.

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