Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Warmed by the Fire Within

Warmed by the Fire Within

Warmed by the Fire Within (2002)

Blog with a View, at heart, is a digital art photoblog. Each Wednesday, I present an image without pretending to care about the environment while price gouging you and posting record profits.


Tim said...

I really like the almost vector-graphic look to this one; it looks just like a fractal rendered in watercolor.

The image reminds me of a documentary I saw on a researcher who went up to Alaska to dig up a Spanish Influenza victim from 1918 and take a sample of their frozen lung tissue back to the lab to extract the still viable flu virus from it.

It's interesting how fractal images can inspire us with fresh ideas.

ronals said...

Fire in the heart

Anonymous said...

Warmed by the Fire Within

Within the cocoon, a launching pad
Aches for the missing hipsters
Of the current younger generation --
The virgins yet to be tattooed

All lug nuts on the torture apparatus
Have been greased with Sudanese oil
And copper coils have been creamed
To pierce with sting ray venom and Viagra

If the cloning goes well, multiple maniacs
Will be flung at corporate high rises
To splatter belly-up against the panes
Their squid juices of dementia praecox

Infecting networks of circuitry with their babble
Oozing insane pustules of rant across tv screens
Planting schizophrenic spores inside the wombs
Of wall street stockbrokers before the next crash

As the Chinese call in their loans
And U. S. treasury bonds tank
And the whole economy beaches
Like a giant whale without any icebergs

MonstruM said...
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