Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Last Egg Hunt

The Last Egg Hunt

The Last Egg Hunt (2006)


Hardee Har Har.

"Nope. No weapons over there."

I'll just add a signing statement to your restraining order.

Nope. No discretion or dignity here.

Yo,Tony. You with the FCC?

Nope. No tact or diplomacy there.

I think I cut one.  Should I run?

Nope. No poise or stateliness here either.

Wha?  No exit?  What's my strategy?

Nope. No elegance or grace there either.

Is our gut learnin'?

Nope. No leadership anywhere.


donna said...

You forgot today's "no civil war in Iraq..."

cruelanimal said...

I know. There's not enough time to keep up with each new picture.

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