Monday, August 28, 2006



Mocha (1999)

Make mine an iced, decaf, triple, grande, sugar-free vanilla, skinny, no-whip, latte.


The Heretik said...

That looks tasty.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate Swirl

Here in the lower Ninth
Two-story shanties have shipped out
Crossing the street to nest atop
Abandoned four-wheelers

Urban planning takes on a new meaning
Where splintered, wind-sheared boards
Streaked by a large, chalky white x
Gape whistling in the fetid heat

Now that everyone's done broke
Is anyone left living inside?
Only the disabled elderly know
Bony fingers pointing through the slats

[Disposable Poem 30 August 2006]

cruelanimal said...

Thanks for the yummy comment -- as well as for Katrina memories that aren't a staged photo op.

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