Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dragonfly Saloon Girls

Dragonfly Saloon Girls

Dragonfly Saloon Girls (2001)

We had gunslingers in
deluxe tuxes and knit jackets
with shoulder straps.

We had military
girls and sailor girls but
sexy Red Riding Hood

was a no show. Smothered
in daisies she came out
of the planet of green

love in the late
90’s. Her cowgirl costume
tanked in Jamaica but

in Miss Kitty’s parlor
her fringe dress seemed
sassy as her faith dance

bombed like a laughable
Day of the Dead. Her wings
were pulled off artfully

by redneck plebes. Was that
indiscrete? Rockette like
she kicked off her slippers

as the trail boss dove
off the technological bronk
into waterbeds of whiskey.


A found poem re-assembled out of phrase strings from a Google search of "dragonfly saloon girls." The image was originally rendered in Fractal Zplot and post-processed in multiple graphics programs.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dragonfly Saloon Girls

These hieroglyphs have hiccups
Wavering like Moses' staff
Before the Black Sea

Out to save the world
From Egyptian terrorists
Powder Puff Girls

Sashay in a line dance
Plucking from clamshells
Cloned opalescence

Eyebrows arched sideways
Mimic obsolete languages
Of wonder or surprise

[Disposable Poem January 25, 2007]

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