Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fire at the Crayon Factory

Fire at the Crayon Factory

Fire at the Crayon Factory (2000)

Oh, the inhumanity! You've colored outside the lines!


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Anonymous said...

Fire at the Crayon Factory

The inch worm devoured blizzard blue,
and mango tango squashed magic mint.

Every year a color disappeared while consumers
named a new one to take its place in the pack.

Fluorescence went atomic as a laser beam
when the box of crayons hurtled into space.

Now that Pluto had been dismissed as a comet,
Saturn's rings became cuticles instead of gold nuggets.

Nobody could recognize each other any more
because tans had changed to fuchsia or raw sienna.

With all the polar bears slipping off the ice floes,
who could teach children to draw outside the box?

[Disposable Poem February 8, 2007]

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