Monday, February 05, 2007

Gremlin in the Engine

Gremlin in the Engine

Gremlin in the Engine (2002)


You are now free to move around the debris field...


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Anonymous said...

Gremlin in the Engine

Beneath the rewired ribcage, ping!
Is it a burble or is it thrombosis?

The coolant plummets below freezing;
Pistons creak and groan for oil.

Pitches and plunks in the wheezing
Become unclear when you are the engine.

In the caverns of these gremlins
Trombones compete with bassoons.

Sonorities cannot plunge deeply enough
To map networks of dark lungs.

The huge corpus lurches upwards
Flapping spindly prongs for wings.

Legs swell like sponges and flounder
Upon wildly spun serrated fronds.

Somewhere inside, a cackle cracks
The apricot open with a squishy ping!

[Disposable Poem February 9, 2007]

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