Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Zen of Flake Food

The Zen of Flake Food

The Zen of Flake Food (2005)

He will not eat sinking
crumbs. Livebearer fry act
like ingredients too often.

A starter kit will elevate
dining experience to true
indulgence. Bulk product

or freeze dried both surf up
the sides of glass tanks. Abe
was just a fish like you

and bowed and chunked
while eaten formally with forks
that windmill. Buddhaism

boosts the amount of yang
should red grubs devour gardens.
Zen takes over and is all right.

Detail of: The Zen of Flake Food

Upper right corner detail of The Zen of Flake Food


Image made in Fractal ViZion and post-processed in multiple graphics programs. Plus, a found poem netted from sinking wafers phrase strings hooked from a Google search of "the zen of flake food."


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