Friday, February 15, 2008

The Waiter

The Waiter

The Waiter (2004)

It is a good thing that life is not as serious as it seems to a waiter.
--Don Herold


Made with FraSZle. Post-processed until it ignored me for group of artists sitting at a bigger table.

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Dr. Mike said...

The Waiter

Attentive to the water level
In each glass, he follows
His cues, the spotless gloves
And circumspect attire
For his tux. stoic impassivity
His most refined grace
When in service to his betters.

He moves without emotion,
Guiding flickers of candlelight
As if hangliding among stars, and waits
For shadows of overheard conversation
To envelop the four-course dinner
With murmurs comforting and nostalgic
As a conductor's military baton.

He belongs to the past, antiqued
And polished like refined silverware
Arrayed in enigmatic positions
On the linen, pleased with himself
Only when no longer himself,
But indifferent as wooden corkscrews
Hanging next to garlic cloves.

Waiting is such temptation, hopeful
That nothing will call attention
To his hovering humility, he loves
Expectation more than resolution,
Deference more than delight, yet
Knows that his greatest compliment
Is being distinguished yet never distinct.

[Disposable Poem February 17, 2008]
Dr. Mike

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