Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mortgage Everything

Mortgage Everything

Mortgage Everything (2008)

[Click on the image above to see the view with binoculars.]

With bad luck and a large vocabulary
you too can own a home. Good for you
you future Steinbeck lover. Tip obsessive as Wells Fargo
and punchy. Pockets out. One outstanding

sub-prime calculator you are. Lower heart
rates. Peer to peer pressure. Bad boys with bad
credit reinforced your refinancing when gutting the home
of my schemes. My broker just baaed.

I hope to find a job at this pity party
after call center therapy. Bootstrap tough
it is if tagged you underwriter you lump sum jumper
you Maxim sinful exec. Greedhead is good.


Image initially made with QuaSZ. Post-processed until the BailOut bailed out. Text is an original "Google poem" collaged together from search strings of mortgage everything.

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1 comment:

Dr. Mike said...

Home for Life

And always we are being robbed of our
childhood, the house we love taken from us:
no alcove to harbor a last embrace
with grandchildren. The plants line up, dressed sharp
as clay pots to take lessons from the weeds.

And always we are being reminded
we shall never sit here again, absorbed
by histories a porch evokes: the lull
after a good meal when rivalries mend
and someone rises to help the others.

Not even naming compensates for the loss
of things which named us: adrift, the couch
swing with its three wishes; the bamboo
screens, rolled up and holding their breath of snail
ash; the unswept floor, blurred, insubstantial.

And always what we earn must be re-earned
in order to be kept. There is no lodge,
no stopping-off place for lovers to rest
their secret childhood together. This porch
we built to capture an echo of psalm

mourns us, dear husband, and grows transparent
as halos on the beaded lemonade.

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