Friday, May 15, 2009

Sinister Riptide

Sinister Riptide

Sinister Riptide (2009)

[Click on the image above to see the view with binoculars.]

This is the end result of another image I worked on while "going live" last weekend, an experience I talked about in my last post.

The image was begun in a local restaurant during Art Week 09, part of which includes placing artists in various venues around Little Rock and North Little Rock. Artists were supposed to work on pieces and show their process. My wife and I set up in Sticky Fingerz in Little Rock's River Market district. I'd spent days before assembling a traveling digital studio on my laptop, so we packed up laptop, projector, screen, mike, stands, cords, and karaoke machine, and off we went. I worked on fractal/digital art for four hours and talked to many interesting and interested people, including several graphic designers, a mathematician, and other artists.

The set-up at Sticky Fingerz

The set-up at Sticky Fingerz.

I worked on four pieces live and considered none of them done. I posted the last live "draft" of one image named (by the crowd) Sticky Lucky Cat to show what had been done live. That image is still being worked over at my home studio where it will one day appear as Lucky Cat, that is, the final image. Sinister Riptide began live and then was beat severely around the pixels in the comforts of home.


Image initially made with Sterling-ware 2 and processed live at Sticky Fingerz on May 9th. The crowd provided the title. Later further post-processed until it finally went out.

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Dr. Mike said...

Hat Tricks

After Vasco Popa

Out of top hat and tails
Pull a Bugs Bunny pull Fred Astaire
Let them dance under the moonlight

Out of this Davy Crocket hat
Pull a redneck pull a Sioux
Set both loose on Disneyland

Out of this Green Beret
Pull a smart bomb pull a drone
Let fear decide which country to attack

Out of this prison cap
Pull a switchblade pull a shovel
Dig a tunnel without getting shot

Fold this poem up into a paper hat
And put it on your head.
Which words become invincible?

Sit quietly in the dunce’s corner,
Where everybody can point at you,
And wait for the answer to fall out.

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