Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fractal Housewives 2

Fractal Housewives 2

Fractal Housewives 2 (2012)


Another from a series I worked on last winter.


Image initially renderted in Mystic MandalaBeth. Post-processed until the oven self-cleaned.

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Dr. Mike said...

“Any Place You Hang Your Hat….”
[After Frank Sinatra]

The copyright to my life has expired. As I sit, sipping a Diet Coke with Lime [PRODUCT PLACEMENT], I search the ads for funeral services and estate management [ANONYMOUS TIPS]. The only calls I get are from the desperately poor who can no longer afford to be on FaceBook [PRODUCT PLACEMENT: GIANT SUCKING SOUND].

No one’s left to kiss
Beneath the mistletoe. Too
Hard to lick the bones.

Now they’re almost dead,
Some more so than the others.
And I’m hiding out.

All our lives are original thoughts, carefully eavesdropped upon by computers that do number-crunching faster than the speed of light [AT&T. SILICON BREAST IMPLANTS]. As emails say, YOU TOO MAY BE A WINNER!

[December 9 Mash-Up]
Dr. Mike

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