Friday, April 16, 2010

Death to Cute Mecha

Death to Cute Mecha

Death to Cute Mecha (2007)

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Blog with a View.

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Dr. Mike said...

Birthday Party

The bat girl in leotards passes
For a moll among Vampyrs
Whose bank heists crash
The Weimar Republic.

With tomahawks whirling overhead
A chorus of chicken hawks
Scalps any German bosses
Whose genitals are big cigars.

Speed flames the cops’ chase
Down alleyways that homeless
Rummage, where mobs gather --
Browshirts raising their tea bags.

Those who worship celluloid
Change gender and advertise
Liposuction on the runway
Beneath silver art deco starhats.

It’s harder to catch the attention
Of jaded decadents in the private clubs.
Women publicize their pap smears;
Genital disorders become beautiful.

It’s time the public closed their eyes.
It’s best not to see what’s going on.
The government is printing more money.
There is a solution for everything now.

[Disposable Poem April 16, 2010]
Dr. Mike