Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gill Man Adapts

Gill Man Adapts

Gill Man Adapts (2010)

The creature,
a very child, unsound in Florida
surroundings, product of a one-parent
household, fluidity programs,
twelve gods trademarked as ideology.

Will it end
unreasonably? A disease of the scalp
spreads. Soon, to be polite,
he wheezes, displaces water for air,
breathes only through his mouth.


Image originally made with QuaSZ. Post-processed until it took Kay to its underwater lair. Text is a Google poem collaged from search strings of gill man adapts.


Sister Sensible said...

I keep thinking: what did he swallow?

Dr. Mike said...

The Solution

To rid itself of
Humans, Earth
Freezes, then boils

Flesh from bone,
Until digging leaves
Nowhere to go,

No more minerals
To crunch, nor crops
In the heartland.

Soon too busy
Trying to survive
On this planet

We will join
The hungry mob
Who rattle our doors
And set fire to everything.

[Disposable Poem June 22, 2010]
Dr. Mike