Thursday, April 11, 2013

Frag 4 Background Remix

Frag 4 Background Remix

Frag 4 Background Remix (2013)


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Dr. Mike said...

The Dispersal

Fascinating, where all those wagon
Wheels fly up to: Frisbees with their hair
On fire. Tossed in the air as if buffalo
Chips for Annie Oakley to shoot down.
Edison caught it all on celluloid.

Cylindrical hub caps blinking aluminum
Eyes as sharks with fins pooled into drive-
Ins. Late fifties worshipped these idols
On the rumps of Daddy’s front seat where
Heavy petting interrupted movie monsters.

Something sucks water out of blood
And oil in Westward expansion. Scalps
And shoe polish conceal bald spots
In the history books. O Pioneers!
Where is your little red flag and book now?

Caked sand bastes and crumbles apart,
Yielding sand and more sand. Each grain
Teases water from eyes of afflicted widows
Who patiently gaze through the fog for
Vanished seafarers and transvestites.

Someone dumped all the pixels out of
Focus while computer editing the universal
Unconscious citizens. Bombed and harried,
They realize they are the secret sharers.
The many are allowed to bleed or marry.

[Disposable Poem April 29, 2013]
Dr. Mike