Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cleopatra Worries Remix

Cleopatra Worries Remix

Cleopatra Worries Remix (2012)

Two Prints: "Geisha" and "Cleopatra Worries" 

Two Prints: Geisha Remix (2012, Left) and Cleopatra Worries Remix (2012, Right)


The result of another exercise in remix enhancement from last summer.

Plus, a photo of two of three canvas prints, including today's featured image, that were recently hung in my office.


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Dr. Mike said...


Wristwatches corrode
In aquamarine coral reefs
That cling to derricks

Whose steel drilling rigs
Like abandoned lighthouses
Now succor algae

With oily oysters
Crustaceans claw through
For the purest blue.

[Disposable Haiku July 23, 2013]
Dr. Mike