Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cleopatra Worries

Cleopatra Worries

Cleopatra Worries (2002)

Blog with a View, at heart, is a digital art photoblog. Each Wednesday, I present an image without the usual annotation/explanation.

As I note in the blog's description, please feel free to talk back to the art, or, if you wish, use this post as a weekly open thread.


Anonymous said...

In Memoriam August Wilson

It's not just about the blues, although
Blues is what everybody gets;
Fooled by love and taken advantage of
Is how you know you're alive and human.

A father doesn't have to love you
As long as he provides food, clothing, and shelter,
Without skipping town to gamble on luck
In some junior league that will let him play ball.

And you don't have to love him either
No matter what the preacher may say,
'Cause preachers need love so much
That they make themselves a God out of it.

A mother doesn't have to love her children
But she does, usually, and never forgets
Or forgives their later betrayals,
Because that's the heritage she leaves in her will.

Some folks got it worse than others
Because of the color of their skin
Or the lack of money; just being born
Doesn't mean society has got to love you.

Only when you die, will society remember
Enough to praise or demean you,
Or simply ignore you,
But you'll never know, will you?

Anonymous said...

Cleopatra worries
that Jules or Marc
might not be able
to give her what she needs.

She worries
for the slaves
she keeps beneath her
and their wellbeing

(after all,
what use is a slave
who has not the energy
to serve?)

She worries
that her kingdom
will be yanked from beneath her
before she can roll out of the carpet.

But most of all,
Cleopatra worries
that the snake will not be there
when she needs her dose of poison.

--Jack Kerouac-job

cruelanimal said...

Oh yeah. I like the second poem very much.

Confess, though. You've been obsessively watching HBO's Rome, haven't you? The first stanza is the giveaway...

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