Tuesday, October 18, 2005

If You Were Light

If You Were Light

If You Were Light (2000)

It's been one of those days today that gives no quarter in the perpetual daily struggle for down time and creative play. Still, all work and no post makes bloggers go blank.

Accepting defeat, I'm forced into strict photoblog mode. Today's image is part of series titled "If You Were...." It was done with Dofo-Zon Elite and considerable post-processing in graphics programs.

Consider this an open thread, too -- a day earlier than usual. Hopefully, RL won't be quite so intrusive tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

If You Were Light

Who would see you coming and going?
Who could catch you in a palm frond?

Who would crack you along the spine
And not be blinded by the rainbow?

Who would glean the memory of your last
Moments from some distant star?

You offer hope against death:
Only gravity can crunch you up.

cruelanimal said...


M said...

If you were light you’d be a
clandestine prism fracturing my white uneasiness
into punctual rainbow,
strewn across my kitchen tiles
in sweet homicidal stains that
come pinesol clean.

(Thanks, that was fun.)

cruelanimal said...


No, thank you. I enjoyed reading your poem very much.

Anonymous said...

Greening the blues
Gnawing white birch

Eggs evanesce

Dr. Mike

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