Sunday, October 16, 2005

Navajo Mystic

Navajo Mystic

Navajo Mystic (2005)

I share new images on Sundays. Since I was going on about Castaneda yesterday, I figured I might choogle along in the same consciousness-stretching train of thought today.

A search on the title of today's image was the source for the following collaged, found Google-poem produced from phrase strings embedded in the search hits:

Rare fine artwork of indigenous
holy days reflecting the non-patriarchal
diagnosticians who determine which chants
are trapped in a deadly game

of archival footage. Assimilated
ethnically, his horse skills for tourists
tell you how I once met God
soon after the house built bad dreams

with a nose for fashion. The bell
bottoms reduce particulate pollution
by The Mystic Religion of Zoroaster.
The remarkable visionary art,

Dancing with Photons, commands
Thunder Birds. Red rock formations will
serve and be visited in a dream by
wall calendars. They have their own

place names and attempt to find
a killer of spaceships and old curses.
America has a romantic love for pottery
and slave raids. His devoted

nephew defers to cronies many
meaningless syllables. The gods danced
and sang. Code talkers with superhuman
strength still live in New Orleans.

If the meaning and teachings of the above poem somehow elude you, I suggest the following recipe for remedy:

1) Ingest multiple peyote buttons
2) Wait until head feels "expanded"
3) Read poem again

Oh -- one more thing. Avoid the orange cacti. Those buggers are a bitch.


Poem reconstituted from hit phrases strip-mined in this search.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wrapped up for warmth
In a skin deadlier than ladybugs
Men, women, and children
Shudder as if in the sweat lodge

White devils command stinging
Bullets with their thumping Bibles
For only those who can survive
Their blanketing gifts deserve love

Enraptured by passing clouds
That sweep prairies into waves
Elders in the tribe go blind
And dance with mad desire

Soon their whiteness will twist
And burn like crinkled insects
Chameleons who cannot decide
Between eagle or coyote

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