Saturday, December 03, 2005

Not Rocket Science

Not Rocket Science

Not Rocket Science (2000)

No time to blog today. Still, rather than leave the well dry, I might as well take a few minutes to pour in a little fructose syrup.

The following is a short Google poem compiled, collaged, and reconstituted from phrase text threads in hit summaries from a Google search on the title of today's image.

It may not be much, but it's better than a virtual abyss -- or not...


Not Rocket Science

Please help companies have
some of the dirtiest crime reduction
collecting under the rubric

of potty training. Risk cannot
be sufficiently reliable and criticisms
of just common sense return.

Want to read more? But you'll
use more unpopped popcorn and air
guitar. You're code-based

and admonish a recent catastrophe
like taxes and President Bush with big
blue fingers. American Vegetable.

Dented cans. You guessed it.
Three activities for US Defense Reform:
Give the ministry to laymen.

Claim a privileged status
for roasting vicars. Revel in reliable meat
and John Glenn's return to orbit.

Work by releasing a gas
at a sandwich shop through a small
hole. A boondoggle, actually.

Democrats and cattle prod
society can't afford to relax because
no recap calculus is needed.

I want to say something
but instead get emotionally detached.
I hack metaphors, real values.

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